SurvivalStrijd Conquer the Campus Delft

On Saturday May 13th S.B.V. Slopend hosts the SurvivalStrijd, a yearly run on the TU Delft campus! Categories: Seven City Survival Battle (9km, €15,00) Short Run (groups 5,5km, €6,50pp) Short Run (individuals 5,5km, €6,50pp) (€6,00 extra for non-SBN members) Register Here

SurviFELstrijd Nijmegen

The first edition of the SurviFELrun will be held on Monday the 22nd of may! The run will be 5,5 km long with about 24 obstacles. Costs: €10,- pp Categories: solo group of 4 people Register Here

All Terrain Survival Challenge

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Survival Strijd Delft

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Simius Hircus survival run

It´s time to go broken again! Title reference   The Simius Hircus survival run is a fun and easy survival run in Utrecht. The run is 6,5 km, which is beginner level and costs 8 euro´s. More info can be found HERE. Subscriptions can be made HERE, don´t forget to pay…

Survivalstrijd Slopend

On the 21st of May, our sister associasion Slopend will organise their survivalrun again. Some of you may have already registered as an individual or group, but we would still like to go as a group as big as possible. So if you want to join the grouprun (5,5 km)…