All Terrain Olympics Weekend

April 17th @ 20:00 - April 19th @ 20:00

Every four years top sporters around the world come together to test their abilities in several different kinds of competitions to represent the best their countrymen and women are capable of: the Olympic games. This year they will be in Japan. Now it is time to sort the wheat from the chaff at our own association as we will have our very own Olympic games where you will get the chance to represent your homeland. Spread out over a weekend, there will be various active contests to find out which nation has the best athletes. Not only that: you’re mental capabilities will be tested as well in a couple more relaxing games and activities.

This event will take place in the weekend of April 17 to 19 which is the weekend right after the exams. OMG, that’s so convenient!

The expected price for the event will be around €30 p.p.  If you have more questions about the event you might ask Perry, Raymond, Bart Schoenmakers or Pim. The subscriptions are open now! The rest will be a surprise but we can guarantee that it is gonna be a lot of fun!


Date and time
2020-04-17 20:00
2020-04-19 20:00


  • Laurence Moutafov


  • Jeffrey Leijten


  • Perry Reus


  • Pim van Hees


  • Jesse van Oort


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