Bushcrafting weekend

September 28th @ 08:00 - September 29th @ 18:00

This year we would like to try a new outdoor weekend. We are going to try to survive against the harsh elements of nature. During this weekend you will learn and try a few basic bushcrafting or survival techniques. These will be incorporated in fun and competitive games where you can score points or gain requirements and advantages for surviving the weekend.

The main objective of the weekend will of course be to survive (don’t worry, everyone will return safe and sound at the end of the weekend). However at the end of the weekend one person will be declared the best survivalist. Because although working together can be beneficial at some times, at other times it’s every one for their own.

So if you want to learn new bushcrafting techniques or test your capabilities of surviving in the wild be sure to subscribe.

The costs of the weekend will be €30


Date and time
2019-09-28 08:00
2018-09-29 18:00
Grote dries 5, Holtum


  • Pim van Hees


  • Raymond van de Ven


  • Jeffrey Leijten


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