Dobbering on the Dommel

July 9th @ 15:15 - July 9th @ 20:00

Summertime is here! The last exams of the year are done and hopefully the sun finally has found its way around the rain clouds. To celebrate the freedom and the good weather (?), we’ll go relaxing by floating down the Dommel with a beer or other beverage in hand and enjoy the green that surrounds the Dommel.
So get yourself an inflatable and we will arrange the drinks!
Can you bring an inflatable for a friend? Please let us know in the questions below.
The plan is to start at the construction. We’ll inflate what needs to be inflated around 15.15 and then enter the water around 15.30/15.45. Around dinner time we expect to be around Eindhoven North where we will get out, dry up and get back again, most probably by bus, so bring your public transport card (we will bring something to keep it afloat en dry).
Since there is a snackbar and AH and such not far from where we plan to dry up we anticipate it is possible to get some fastfood or other food (at own expense) while drying up.


In case you are enthusiastic about building a raft, let the organization know and we’ll explain the possibilities.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2024-07-09 15:15
2024-07-09 20:00

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