Past Events

Let’s jump! Trampoline park

What better to do on a Tuesday evening than jumping? Join us at the trampoline park 🙂 Whether you are jumping for the first time or are super experienced: an hour of jumping means guaranteed fun. They also have Ultimate Dodgeball, and a 4 meter high tower to jump from! (with a gigantic BigAirBag for landing) The activity will cost 5€.
2018-09-25 18:00
2018-09-25 19:00

All Terrain Challenge

The All Terrain Challenge takes place on Saturday, September 22, 2018. This will be an unforgettable day, which is both challenging for advanced adventure racers and for beginners. In teams of 2, a maximum of 60 teams will take 8 hours to go mountain biking, canoeing, running and orienting. Every year there are new special tasks, this year one of them will be suppen (stand up padling)! The rest is kept secret until the race.  For spectators, a 'spectator route' will be available on the day of the race. There is also the possibility for spectators this year to have a nice dinner after the race. For more information, you can check the facebook page or the website. To register for the race or for food, it is here.
2018-09-22 08:00
2018-09-22 20:00

Survivalrun Udenhout

The first run of the season will be the one in Udenhout, and it should satisfy from beginners to more experienced. On Saturday, the 15th you can run 5,5 or 7km (both individual), while on Sunday the 16th you can run 12 or 18km (individual or couple run). Registration is already open and possible until September the 7th (except if it is full before..) but it is cheaper to register before August the 16th! You can register directly here for Saturday, and here for Sunday. If you want to join AT transportation, it is better that we register you for the run in the same time than the other All Terrainers, to have convenient grouped starting times. In that case please fill in the form below   Prices:
  • - 5,5km: 11,50
  • - 7km: €16,00
  • - 12 or 18km: €18,50
  • - transportation with All Terrain: €4
2018-09-15 08:00
2018-09-16 17:00


On Saturday 7th of July will be held our All Terrain/Old Terrain summer barbecue. Our aim is to gather everyone that is or has been member of All Terrain. We would like to share this interest in survivalrunning over a nice summer evening of barbecued food and drinks. It also happens to be the same day than the construction weekend. How convenient, you can help us out expanding the construction during the day, and stay with us for the BBQ evening 🙂 If you know some Old Terrainners, please make sure they will join as well! The event will cost €13,00-, and you can register on the link below:


2018-07-07 18:00
2018-07-07 22:00

Construction weekend

On July Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th, we'll need as many persons as possible to extend our construction. You'll get to be the first one to try the new ostacles, you'll benefit from more ostacles during the next trainings (more obstacles is more better), and you will get free lunch to thank you for your work. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe already 🙂
2018-07-07 09:00
2018-07-08 17:00


Since ATOE day was not enough bouldering, we will go bouldering again on the 5th of July. This time we will go to the MONK boulder hall in Eindhoven to have a bit of a more challenging bouldering. We will gather on the Berkenstraat 1A (Eindhoven) at 19:30. To make it even more awesome, the entry fee will be paid by All Terrain, it is hence free of charge! (You will have to pay €3,50 for shoes rental if you don't have your own bouldering shoes) Joining can be done by subscribing to this event! See you all there
2018-07-05 19:30
2018-07-05 22:30

Lustrumgala Simius Hircus

In June our sister association in Utrecht will exist 5 years! To celebrate this they are organising a gala for all student survival associations. The gala will take place on June 29th in Utrecht. The total price will be €37,50 and this will include an awesome themed party AND there will be an unlimited amount of drinks and snacks for everyone! If you need a place to sleep after the gala, then contact the board so we can arrange something. Register here
2018-06-29 20:00
2018-06-30 01:30

Exchange Ilyeo

At All Terrain we always want to learn something new. This of course is already done in our regular trainings, but maybe you want to try something totally new.   We have arranged to do an exchange training with Ilyeo (Taekwondo) to learn self-defense and other fighting skills. In return for that they will also (try) to survive an All Terrain training. They will join our training on the 13th of June and we will join their training on the Thursday 21st of June. This start at 20:00 and end at 21:30. We are asked to wear long sport trousers and a shirt with sleeves, (no sleeves, like tank tops, are not allowed with Taekwondo). Do you want to improve your fighting skills or just an awesome training come join the exchange training.
2018-06-21 20:00
2018-06-21 21:30

Knotting night 2

This is the second evening of our very own All Terrain knotting course. If you didn't join the first evening, you can still join and you will receive some extra attention to catch up on the others, and quickly learn the essential knots that we are using everyweek. If you did join the first session, very good! I hope you practised your knots, they will be quickly revised. Additionnally this time will be discussed rope maintenance, and this is quite new, so we would really like all of our newer members, but not only, to join. 🙂 Please sign up so we know how many people to expect PS: there will be beers, and snacks (for free)
2018-06-18 20:00
2018-06-18 22:30

ATOE day

It's back! This year we'll organise the second edition of the ATOE day, short for All Terrain, Okawa, ESAC day. As the name already implies, the ATOE day is a day organised by 3 different associations. We'll stay in Eindhoven and do some survivalrun training, kayaking and climbing! More details soon
2018-06-16 08:45
2018-06-16 21:00