Past Events


Let's visit GLOW together with some AT'ers! This year there are four locations instead of the normal route through the city. As the TU/e is one of them, we start at 18:30 at Hubble (we can do some drinks beforehand if people want) and from there we can come up with a route. As GLOW is free, this event is free too (not including drinks;)). Do bring your corona QR code though!
2021-11-11 18:30
2021-11-11 21:00

Halloween 2021

  Clean up your agenda for this cosy AT evening or should we say scary?   We have an evening filling program, with some pumpkin carving and ending with a horror movie choice by our movie master Perry that should appeal to all us tire loving people. Don't worry too much, it's mainly a fun movie and you can look away if you are really scared of tires ;-).   Do you like preparing Halloweenisch snacks and/or create Halloweenisch decoration? Than join us in the afternoon! (We'll cook dinner together for those who it is convenient)   Costs for the pumpkin carving will be around 2 euros and the costs for snacks and drinks will be split afterwards. AllTerrain will sponsor a part.   So block your agenda for a night of fun and see you there!
2021-10-30 19:30
2021-10-31 00:00

Intro Weekend 2021

subscriptions are closed! If you really still want to join, message Guus! Did you just join All Terrain and want to get to know the other members while enjoying a wonderful outdoor weekend? Or are you an older member that knows how much fun the All Terrain weekends are? For all of you, we have the introduction weekend! This will be a weekend full of fun outdoor activities, lots of food and much more! And it's a great way to get to know the other members. The cost of the weekend is expected to be around 40 euros.   The maximum number of participants is 30, if 30 people are subscribed you will be put on the waiting list! The subscriptions will close on October 8th 12:00, so subscribe fast!
2021-10-15 17:30
2021-10-17 18:00

(After ATC) Orienteering

Do you like reading maps and love to find your way across different terrain? Then orienteering could be just your thing!   Sunday the 10th of October we have another opportunity to enjoy this sport. The ATC has gracefully offered to let some of their work to be reused, so there is some good quality to be expected.   We will take a bicycle from Eindhoven to reach the Strabrechtse Heide; a beautiful natural area in the proximity of Eindhoven. Afterwards we ask your help to pick up one of the points so please do bring your screwdriver (or let us now if you don't have any).   Do you wonder what orienteering is? Are you not a member yet and/or have trouble subscribing, please contact and we see what we can work out.
2021-10-10 13:00
2021-10-10 16:30

Knotting 2021

In the outdoors strings and ropes can be useful in many, many ways, but most of the time that starts with a knot. Knowing your knots is not just handy for setting up your shelter, but is also needed for setting up the training obstacles. So if you are doing survival run with us and haven't done a knotting course yet, this is one not to miss!   In this course you will learn how to make a clove hitch, a bowline, a trucker's hitch and more, and where to apply them. Also we teach you how to take care of the beloved ropes. The course consists of two evenings (5th of October and 19th of October) and possibly an extra night will be added. You will get a change to practically apply your knots, hence it can also be useful for all the people that only did the online course last year.
2021-10-05 19:30
2021-10-05 22:00

Utrecht Survival Run [full]

On October 3th we will visit our sister association, Simius Hircus, for their run! Take on the challenge on the 6km course with 31 obstacles in and around Utrecht Science Park. The run is ideal for novice or inexperienced survivalists (you should be able to climb a rope and be able to go over ropes and beams), but make no mistake, it is certainly still a tough course. This one is also suitable for more experienced survivalists who feel like a fun run after the lockdown! You can run the Utrecht Survival run individually, but also in pairs or in a group. In a couple or group, you run under the same starting number and you can help each other over obstacles. The options are:
  1. 6KM group run: do the run in groups of maximum 5 persons, € 10.00 (cost pp)
  2. 6KM couple run: do the run in a couple, € 20.00
  3. 6KM individual run: € 10.00
  4. 6KM heavy run: for people with experience, € 10.00
Start is between 10:00hr and 14:00hr, more information here and for subscription go here. If you do not know now how subscription works, feel free to ask in the AT chat or message a board member! For our overview, we like that you subscribe on the AT website, and you have to subscribe on the AT website to join transport arranged by AT. For the run itself, you have to subscribe on the linked website! You need an SBN membership for insurance, but you can buy a day pass if you do not want a year membership yet.
2021-10-03 08:00
2021-10-03 19:00

AT Cocktailnight Green Edition

A long long time ago, before the first corona lockdown there was a very successful cocktail night. To follow up on this great success, we present you a new sparkling edition. Because we want to go for a fresh start of the year, celebrate the last of summer and love our club color this time this night will be all about the color Green. So sign up to mix your green cocktails and play some green related games!   The price will be around 10-15 euros if you want alcohol and about 5 euros cheaper if you prefer mocktails. The event will be on the 23rd of September. The location is yet to be decided. Oh yeah, and wear some nice green clothes ;)   Hope to see you there!   Not a member yet, having trouble subscribing or signing up? Contact and we'll try to work it out.
2021-09-23 20:00
2021-09-23 23:00

Survivalrun Udenhout

Subscriptions for transport by AT are closed! The first run of the new college year is open for subscription, Udenhout! Many options for different categories, from beginner to advanced, are possible. On Saturday the 18th of September the options are:
  1. Rookie 5,5 km Duo (from 10 year): Duo-run from 10 year, € 25.00
  2. Rookie 5,5 km (from 10 year): Individual from 10 year, € 12.50
  3. Recreanten 7 km (from 15 year): Individual from 15 year, € 18.50 1 Point
  4. Recreanten 7 km Duo (from 15 year): Duo-run from 15 year, € 37.00
On Sunday the 19th of September the options are:
  1. Lange Survival Run (LSR): Competition-license necessary, € 21.50
  2. Middellange Survival Run (MSR): Competition-license necessary, € 21.50
  3. Recreanten 18km (heavy): Individual from 18 year, € 21.50 3 Points
  4. Duo-run 18 km (heavy): Duo-run from 18 Year, € 43.00
  5. Recreanten 12 km (kinda heavy): Individual from 15 year, € 21.50 2 Points
  6. Grouprun 12 km (kinda heavy): 4-person run from 15 year, € 86.00
  7. Duo-run 12 km (kinda heavy): Duo-run from 15 Year, € 43.00
Registration is already open and possible until 10-09-2021 (except if it is full before...) but it is cheaper to register before 30-08-2021! You can register directly here for Saturday, and here for Sunday. More informatoin can be found here. If you want to join AT transportation, please indicate in the 'samenstartverzoek' field that you want to start with All Terrain.
2021-09-18 09:00
2021-09-19 18:00

Construction maintenance day

At 1000 on Saturday 31st July, our construction will receive some tender loving care. Some general maintenance will be done, the monkeyhang will be shifted, and some new obstacles will be built.   Coming along to help is a great way to give back to the construction that you use every training, and to catch up with some ATers! Lunch will be provided. It is useful to wear clothes you can climb in the construction with, and don't mind getting a bit dirty. No worries if you have no experience with building or knot-tying, the Parcour Committee is there to supervise.   Please register below so that we know how many people are joining for lunch.  
2021-07-31 10:00
2021-07-31 15:00


Kubb is a Swedish family game dating back to the middle ages. Since its rediscovery in the last couple of years It gained a lot of popularity, including among the All Terrain members! We usually play a game of Kubb or two while we are away on an outdoor weekend, but on the 18th of July around 14.00-17.00 we are organising a Kubb tournament. It is your time to shine and become the block-throwing superstar you knew you always were. Even if you are afraid of being a simple block-throwing baboon, don't worry: it is still going to a lot of fun just hanging out together. Joining the event is free, hope to see you!
2021-07-18 14:00
2021-07-18 17:00