Survivalrun U-Battle-Run

July 1st @ 11:00 - July 1st @ 16:00

It’s only their second edition, but a really nice run nevertheless. And really close in the neighborhood! The run can be done with a group. So we will use it to learn new people how to do a run and we will assist you if you have troubles. Fill in the registration form below that you are willing to be part of the group and we will register you with. If you want to do the run individually, you should check the website here or go to the registration page directly here. It’s a perfect run for beginners and a challenging one for those who want to try one that is a bit longer then usual.

The cost for transportation back and forth are 5 euro p.p. and registration for transportation can be done be registering for this event.


Date and time
2018-07-01 11:00
2018-07-01 16:00
Bram Hurkmans
Engelerpark, 5221 AM ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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