All Terrain has gotten the approval of the SSCE and ESSF to start training again!

We’ve taken the necessary precautions so we ask every member to follow these rules. The trainers are asked to enforce the rules strictly, breaking the rules will get you removed from the training and possibly removed from the schedule.

The protocol goes as follows:
– Group sizes will be a maximum of 10 members per training.
– Groups will stay the same each week.
– Training will be organized in such a way that 3 meters of distance will be upheld at all times during exercise and 1,5 meters when at rest.
– Shorter, intenser training will be given to allow more people to train with less contact.
– You are required to do the warming up before the training starts individually, the trainers will give some guidelines for this.
– If you don’t follow the rules you will be sent home and you may lose your privilege to attend the training.
– We will provide you with hand sanitizer to wash your hands before and after the training (mandatory).
– The water tap behind the shed will be closed, so bring your own water!
– The shed will not be open to store your bags/coats in so bring as few items as possible.
– The board will keep a list of people allowed at each training, so groups are restricted and it is not possible to switch between them.
– Be on time for the training! Being late will greatly inconvenience the trainers.
– Being too early is also not desirable. We want to prevent contact between groups as much as possible.
– RIVM guidelines still apply. If you experience covid-19 related symptoms please stay at home!

The training schedule can be found underneath. If you have any problems with the schedule then please mail them to [anti-spam-tag].

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If you haven’t filled in the form yet, but you still want to train you can still in the form HERE and the board will see what we can do for you.

Kind regards,

The 30th board of All Terrain