Pre-Gala Dance session

The All Terrain Lustrum Gala is around the corner and we got a fun activity to prepare you for our awesome Gala. A dance lesson will be provided in which you will learn a figure that will be easy, fun, and most of all, passionate. The figure will be learnable…

6th Lustrum Gala All Terrain

This year we celebrate our 6th Lustrum with our very own Gala here in Eindhoven. The gala will take place on the 5th of May and you can subscribe with the following link. The costs are only 30 euros and you will get an evening with beer and wine included!

6th lustrum of All Terrain

To celebrae the 6th lustrum of All Terrain on a small scale the Lustrum Committee will organize a small event on the 1st of July. The event will consist of an afternoon program followed by a BBQ. Both will be at the Student Sportcentrum of the TU/e (More location details…
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