SSCE Van Driving Lessons

SSCE Van Driving Lessons

It has come to the attention of the ESSF that some people find it scary to drive a van without any prior experience and therefore wants to know if people would be interested in a course.

If you are interested, please add a comment below (than I can bundle it and share it with the ESSF).

Newsletter december

Newsletter december

Hello All and Old Terrainers!

Despite all activities of the holidays, we found you guys some time to make a newsletter.


December was nice and busy so there are a few things to look back into.


On the 19th of december the Dinxperloop was held, in the no known village of Dinxperlo. Where we had around ten entries previous years, this year we were pleasantly surprised by almost 20 participants. It was somewhat of a challenge to arrange transport and food for this many people. But in the end we were able to pull it off and we had a nice, exhausting, day. A lot of pictures were taken which can be found right here on the website.

Van Lint Sportsweek

After the Dinxperloop our yearly week of sports had just begun. The day after a great battle for glory started in the Sportscentre back in Eindhoven. From monday untill thursday teams competed in the most wacky sports people could think of. All Terrain also likes to join here and so we competed in sports like Wheelchairbasketbal, Canoe-polo and for a first time this year, Vertical Twister. After the battles it was time for a nice beer with everybody.

Christmas Dinner

To finish of the week we had christmastime. We celebrated this with our very own christmas dinner on friday. We had a team of chefs to start cooking around 13:00 to make a complete menu for all our hungry members. People seemed to like it since everything was gone at the end of the evening. Afterward people could lounge around to enjoy the company. A lot of pictures were taken here but at the moment we are still busy sorting them and placing them in a nice album.


Where december is a month of sports and food, january is a month of recovery and newyears resolutions. Here are a few of ours for the time to come.

Newyears dive

Real die-hards start the year by jumping into the sea. We from All Terrain like to think we are part of this group but we have a little less sea to work with. To fix this we jump into our very own dommel at the end of our first training. Just as refreshing and, if your lucky, with a free bike. The first training of the year will be on the fourth of january and everybody is free to join.


For those who checked the last newsletter, we said we liked to join up with our friends from other cities. Last month we enjoyed a training by Slopend in Delft together with all the other assocciations. On the 14th of january it will be our turn and everybody will come to us. We will have to show them our best!

Survival runs

We keep on running, the next runs we want to join are here.

Beltrum 8 januari 6,5 km
Gerdringen 4 februari 4,5 tot 9 km

All Terrain 3.0

All Terrain 3.0

As some of you might have already guessed by the countdown on the right: We’re in the final stages for version 3.0 of the All Terrain site.
The development preview is live at and because one of the most important improvements to this version is stability, we would like to invite everyone to try and find bugs in the website.
If you find anything, you can send an email to the Web Committee ( and we’ll try to fix it before we release the new update.
Note that the user account you have on does not work on

Chairman of the SSN Board

Chairman of the SSN Board

Since the vacancy is only for a Dutchman only in Dutch.

Vanuit de landelijke koepel SSN is er een vacature vrijgekomen voor een voorzitter.
De SSN is er ter vertegenwoordiging van alle studenten sport in Nederland. En vanuit hun komen onder andere de GNSK en StuWi commissies.

Als je interesse hebt in deze functie, neem dan even contact op (

Newsletter October

Newsletter October

Newsletter October


2016/10/31 – Eindhoven

Hello All and Old Terrainers,
The month of October is at an end and that means it’s time for another newsletter.

What happened

Introduction Weekend

Although our first attempt to welcome all the new members had to be canceled, does not mean we are going to leave it at that. In the weekend from the 21st till the 23rd of October we made a second attempt for this. Luckily this time a lot of people did join us. With about 14 people we once again terrorized the woods of La Roche. The weekend was packed with fun activities, good food and drinks and strong tea! Because it was already the end of October it was a bit chilly but the weather was dry and the fire was warm so that was no problem at all. Everybody agreed that it was a very successful weekend!
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Mountainbike races

Mountainbike races

Dear All and Old Terrainers,

Since the mountainbike season has ended and we can never get enough of mountainbiking. We want to join the tours and races around Eindhoven with a group. So if you want to join or want to be kept up-to-date on the tours and races around Eindhoven, leave a comment below or send an email to

Most tours/races will be on sunday mornings, so for those who prefer mud instead of a comfy bed. Feel free to join!

Since joining the races will be organised by All Terrain without support of the SSC, the Old Terrainers can join as well!

Date 2nd introweekend

Date 2nd introweekend

Hey everybody!

Earlier we asked you guys when you wanted to have the intro weekend by a pol. The results of this pol is the weekend off the 21st till 23rd of oktober. So get your agendas out en write it down because we want to make an awesome weekend with as many of you as possible!

Emergency Response (BHV) Cource

Emergency Response (BHV) Cource

Every year the TU/e organizes a course to train emergency response. In this course you will learn first aid, fire fighting and evacuation. The course will be two days and it is completely free.
The courses for this year are:

First Course

First Aid (EHBO): November 10th 08:30-17:30
Firefighting and Evacuation: November 17th 08:30-12:30

Second Course

Firefighting and Evacuation: November 22nd 08:30-12:30
First Aid (EHBO): December 1st 08:30-17:30

If you want to join the course, please contact me (
If you already have a BHV certificate, contact me for when the refresher course is.

Introductie weekend 2016

Introductie weekend 2016

Hey Iedereen,

Zoals elk jaar hebben we weer een introductie weekend om alle nieuwe leden welkom te heten bij All Terrain en leuk kennis met elkaar te maken. Dit jaar hebben we het weekend van 23 t/m 25 september gekozen dus zet hem in je agenda en klik hier even op:

Namens het bestuur,

Stijn de Milliano