On this page you'll find reviews of survivalruns by All Terrainers. Read the introduction to find out more about how it works and then check out all the reviews below to read about everyone's experiences and help you decide which run to take on next!
Want to contribute a review? Let Jesse or Justin know that you're going to write one and email it to chairmannospam@allterrain.nl once you finished it.

Review: Tartaros

Run Tartaros Campus Challenge, 8k though Date 30 September 2018 Difficulty (what's this?) T3 Rating Recommended On a surprisingly sunny day at the end of September, we travelled with a rather large group from AT to the TU campus in Enschede. A nice mix of experienced and less experienced All…

Review: Survivalrun Udenhout

Run Survivalrun Udenhout, 7k, KSR Date 14 September 2018 Difficulty (what's this?) A1 Rating Highly Recommended The run in Udenhout, a place just north of Tilburg, was excellent this year and a great way to start the season. Along with the 7 kilometers KSR I ran together with Sven and…

Survivalrun reviews!

Hello everyone, the new survival season just started and the first survival run is already behind us. For me, joining one of these is one of the best ways to spend my Saturday or Sunday afternoons and from now on, I’d like to reflect on these runs as well by…
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