(After ATC) Orienteering

October 10th @ 13:00 - October 10th @ 16:30

Do you like reading maps and love to find your way across different terrain? Then orienteering could be just your thing!


Sunday the 10th of October we have another opportunity to enjoy this sport. The ATC has gracefully offered to let some of their work to be reused, so there is some good quality to be expected.


We will take a bicycle from Eindhoven to reach the Strabrechtse Heide; a beautiful natural area in the proximity of Eindhoven. Afterwards we ask your help to pick up one of the points so please do bring your screwdriver (or let us now if you don’t have any).


Do you wonder what orienteering is? Are you not a member yet and/or have trouble subscribing, please contact [anti-spam-tag] and we see what we can work out.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-10-10 13:00
2021-10-10 16:30

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