All Terrain Cantus

November 17th @ 19:00 - November 17th @ 22:00

Come to the cantus,

Come and drink with All Terrain.


On the 17th of November, All Terrain will organize its first-ever cantus. Here is a short explanation for those who do not know what a cantus is. A cantus is an event where you drink beer and sing songs together. The songs you will be singing will be printed out in a codex, which you can keep after the cantus. After every song, you will drink some beer and this cycle continues until all the songs have been sung. If you do not drink alcohol there is also a non-alcohol option.


The event will cost approximately 8,- and this includes unlimited beer during the cantus and a codex. We hope to see and hear you all during the cantus.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2022-11-17 19:00
2022-11-17 22:00

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