AT Feud

October 11th @ 19:00 - October 11th @ 23:59

Host: Name the most popular type of social activities for All Terrain.

Participant 1: Game nights!

Host: All right, let’s take a look at the board if game nights is a correct answer… Ding! On the first place with 54 votes. All right, what more?

Participant 2 (Laurence): Beer!

Host: looks frustrated  at participant 2. All right, let’s see if events involving drinking is one of the right answers… Ding! Second place with 32 votes. Can you keep this roll going?

Participant 3: Terror Budgees!

Buzz! Host shakes his head dissapointedly


Does this seem anyway familiar at all? Then you might have seen Family Feud sometimes. Family Feud is an american game show whith Steve Harley where two families have to compete to get the right answers to difficult questions. The only thing is that often there is no right answer! Several weird, crazy and hilarious questions were asked to a large control group of people and the eight most given answers are ‘on the board’. The two teams have to guess what these answers are. The more popular the answer amongst the control group, the more points you get for guessing that answer. So now we are going to do this with All Terrain as some sort of themed game night.


The event will be Friday 11th of October in the evening. It will be at Bram’s place, Ajaxlaan 29 Eindhoven. Due to the available room and seating a maximum of 20 participants can join.

Estimated price for the evening is €5 p.p. 

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2019-10-11 19:00
2019-10-11 23:59

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