AT goes Bouldering

November 28th @ 19:00 - November 28th @ 21:00

Are you starting to get the hang of climbing in a rope, over beams and across the water? Maybe it is time you get in touch with a new way of getting higher up.

Bouldering is climbing up climbing walls with no strings attached. This might seems dangerous but fortunately the walls are not that high and there is a big soft matrass underneath that will catch you if you fall. During bouldering you will notice that, although the walls aren’t long, the road up typically is a puzzle, making it a nice mix of physical and mental exercise.

All Terrain wants to visit Monk Eindhoven on the 28th of November in the timeslot of 19.00-21.00. If you want to join as well, please do two things:

  1. sign up with and go to the website or application to make a registration for “location Monk, Eindhoven, benedenverdieping, the 28th of November, 19.00-21.00”
  2. let us know you are coming to Monk by registering on this page so we can pair you up and spread the people entering

If this is your first time at Monk, we have an additional request to fill in this form beforehand.

Estimated costs are 5 to 7 euro pp.



For bouldering you need climbing shoes. You can rent them at Monk for 4 euros a time. There are some climbers in AT so possibly you can borrow an old set from someone if you ask around.

You want your shirt to allow free movement. Typically flexible pants that cover your knees are advised (like the lycra leggings of All Terrain or sweatpants), although the ‘flexible’ part is more important than the ‘knees’ part.

For the brawearers among us, sportbras are not necessary, but crossed straps are advisable, to prevent them from slipping of your shoulder when you’re in unnatural positions with your arms.

Since the changing rooms are closed, come dressed up (except your shoes). Also you have to bring flipflops to use the toilet.

If you have a valid students card we kindly ask you to bring it along.


Corona measures

Please be aware of the coronameasures taken by Monk:

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2020-11-28 19:00
2020-11-28 21:00

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