Jeopardy 2.0 Postponed

June 18th @ 19:00 - June 18th @ 22:00

It is time to show your AT trivia skills! On the 18th of June, we will host the first offline Jeopardy where you will test your knowledge of All Terrain against other members. We will make our own amphitheater with, a beamer, tarp, and ropes. Together we are going to have a lot of fun and maybe learn even more about All Terrain and Survivalrunning. We will try to match you against evenly matched All Terrainers. The questions will feature a MIX of All Terrain questions and general trivia and will be presented in English.


What is Jeopardy?

Jeopardy is a famous TV spell show that has been around since 1964, where you can only answer with questions. The spell host shows 5 categories with 5 questions per category (that’s 25 questions). The questions range from easy to hard with the harder questions giving more money/points. 3 contestants at the same time will compete and the fastest player will be able to answer the question first, with his own question.


Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-06-18 19:00
2021-06-18 22:00

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