AT meme competition

April 16th @ 19:00 - April 16th @ 23:00

Over the past months you might have noticed an increasing amount of memes about survivalruns, AT or just general relatable stuff in the spam-app. Especially during these times where everybody is locked up in their home, these newly acquired memelords bring a sparkle of joy every once in a while.

To fuel this creativity we are going to have a meme competition! You will all get prompts about All-Terrain to let your imagination free on, and then you can present your creations to the Supreme Meme Jury. If you have never made one before, don’t be hesitant to join, we will help you with the first prompt.

The event will take place Thursday April 16th probably via Discord but this will still be communicated with you shortly.

This event is brought to you by Carlijn Sebregts

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2020-04-16 19:00
2020-04-16 23:00

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