November 15th @ 19:30 - November 15th @ 23:00

GLOW is almost upon us, so come Glow with us!
Every year GLOW takes over Eindhoven city for a week with its light art ( Instead of walking in and out of GLOW randomly by yourself we thought it would be more fun to do it together with your AT buddies, so we picked Tuesday evening as an evening to go together.
But that’s not everything. The AC will arrange a little afterGLOW for you with hot choco to warm up and rest the feet after walking. And there is more; the more people join, the more goodies we’ll arrange. From glowsticks to money for the tomato machine and even a small game/challenge if we are with enough people. So invite your AT buddy and bring as many people as possible!
Let’s glow!
Since we will have hot choco at the Deken van Somerenstraat afterwards, we’ll start on the corner of the Grote Berg and Deken van Somerenstraat so you can park your bike nearby.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2022-11-15 19:30
2022-11-15 23:00

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