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September 12th @ 17:30 - September 12th @ 22:00

On the 12th of September the Activity Committee (AC) of All Terrain will have an exciting activity ready in collaboration with the AC of Okawa and the AC of ESAC! The AC’s boiled up 3 funny games for you connected to each of our own sports. The games will be played in teams which consist of a mix of each association. We need you to show up in great numbers to defend our honor and show our participation! Next to that, of course, we anticipate great fun and it is also for free! So don’t miss out!


If you are joining the dinner than we will gather at 17.30 at Hubble

At 19.00 we start gathering at the field next to Hubble, at 19.30 we’ll commence the games and we hope to hit of the grand finale @21h and be done around 21.30/22.00ish, after which more friendliness is anticipated. Below you can indicate if you want us to reserve a spot for you at Hubble to eat together beforehand (at your own expense) and meet your friends and foes of the evening.

Since we are going to mix teams between associations we can’t guarantee with whom you are placed in a team, but if you have any preferences, you can let us know below and we’ll take it along in our considerations.


Some usefull items to bring along are:

For kayaking:

  • Towel
  • Swimming clothes
  • Dry clothes

For survivalrunning:

  • Bring outdoorshoes
  • regular allterrain clothing

For bouldering:

  • SSC sportscard (make sure to extend it if needed!)
  • Normal shoes/bouldershoes

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2023-09-12 17:30
2023-09-12 22:00

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