Blue Bear self-supported Adventure Race

April 4th @ 09:00 - April 4th @ 17:00

The organisation of the Blue Bear Adventure race have planned a self supported, COVID-proof race this year. This is an awesome opportunity to get out and do a ‘race’ even during COVID restrictions, or try adventure racing for the first time, or even just see if you can beat the other AT teams while enjoying a day of outdoor sports in spring.


The race is traditionally eight hours long, and this year is made of only running and mountainbiking stages. However, the format this year means it is easily shortened to whatever length you like- for example, four or six hours instead of eight. The race is done in pairs. Don’t worry if you don’t know someone else to race with, sign up and we’ll make sure you have a partner.


You will need a mountainbike, which can be hired for the day from OpNoord. The race can be done on any day between 22.02.21 – 04.04.21. The Outdoor Sports Committee hasn’t set a date yet- we will first see how many people are interested, and whether we want to do it all on the same day, or whether teams prefer to do it at their leisure.


The entry fee per team is twenty euros, and mountainbike hire costs approximately twenty euros per person. These costs may be partially sponsored by All Terrain.


The race starts and finishes in Berlicum. At present, the Outdoor Sports committee thinks it will be difficult to organise transport, due to COVID restrictions. You may need to organise your own transport there, for you and a mountainbike, so please take this into account (We will see what we can arrange, perhaps just transport for the bikes, but no promises!)


You can go and visit this page for all the information from the organisers.


If you’ve never done an adventure race before- this is your opportunity to start one of the best sports on the planet 😉 usually a team endurance race of many outdoor sports, such as mountainbiking, kayaking, running, canoeing, sometimes climbing, abseiling, rafting, you name it… and always with a compass and a map in hand to find ‘checkpoints’, usually over mountains and wild terrain (just not in NL…). It can be as intense or as relaxing as you like. An lovely day outside, or 24 hour races pushing yourself as hard and fast as you can. If you have any questions, send an email to me, the organiser shown below, and I will do my best to convince you that you should definitely join 😀

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-04-04 09:00
2021-04-04 17:00

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