BOSSO Exchange Slopend

November 20th @ 15:00 - November 20th @ 21:00

Out there in the wild there are other students doing survivalrun at other student survivalrun associations. The 20th of November the tribes of the survivalrun students sisters will gather again for the first time in a long period! Slopend (Delft) invites us to their home. Next to seeing what their construction is like, there will be fun activities as well and plenty of room to mingle with the students of Slopend, Simius Hircus, FEL, Tartaros and Woest. Activities start at 15.00 and since many are coming from far, we have dinner together.


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Nice detail about Slopend: Just like us they are into more than just survivalrun. They enjoy bushcraft and have outdoor weekends (hiking, canonning, …) away.

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Date and Time
2021-11-20 15:00
2021-11-20 21:00

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