[Postponed] Christmas Dinner

December 10th @ 17:00 - December 10th @ 20:00

New date will be decided upon when Covid-19 settles down again:(

Hohoho, merry Christmas!

Every year, All Terrain organises a nice Christmas dinner with lovely food. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is not yet past us, however. Therefore, it is still a bit unsure what we can organise. Nevertheless, we want to organise something which is possible and safe within the Corona rules!

For now, we are planning to eat at the Trafalgar Pub as following the current Corona rules, there bigger groups are allowed in comparison to at someone’s home. We still want to cook a lovely meal, but this will be postponed to early 2022 where we are hopefully in better waters concerning corona rules… . We keep you updated!

Costs are whatever you decide to order:)

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-12-10 17:00
2021-12-10 20:00

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