City Brewery tour (with samples)

November 16th @ 18:00 - November 16th @ 20:00

After the training we can often be found in the sport café where we enjoy some hot food, nuts, chocomel but also and most importantly… Beer! Also during a lot of our social activities and weekends these gold colored cylinders of pure joy can’t be be missing. But although some of us have quite a knowledge of which brands and types taste nice and which can be bought for cheap at the Aldi, it might also be nice to know something about the process to make our beloved oat sodas. That is why we are going to the City Brewery for a guided tour. The tour itself will take one hour but afterwards there is time for sampling to see if they really know what they are doing.

So if you want to know more about beer, never back down from an opportunity to have alcholic beverages or just want to spend more time with All Terrain, subscribe to the event.

The costs will be €16 p.p. which includes the tour, three special beers, one liquor and some suitable snacks.

Subscribing is possible until Friday 8th of November

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2019-11-16 18:00
2019-11-16 20:00

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