Cocktail night

June 19th @ 19:00 - June 19th @ 22:00

It is nice weather again and you know what that means. Time to chill, hang, and play games together. But how do we do that safely?

Well we got you covered with the Cocktail night palooza. The concept is simple at the start you get the responsibility for a single type of drinks (e.g. Cola). Then you follow the guide below for extreme amounts of fun!

If it is all to difficult you can read the whole instructions HERE


The game:

Also during the cocktail night palooza, a game will be played the whole night long. It is called, which bartender am I? During the session you have to find out who you are, you get a set of cards and its up to you find as many of your personas before the end of the night.

However, you can only ask a question when you are being nice to someone (Step 5) so keep pouring people drinks!


So subscribe below and mingle with your friends, virgin drinks are included

The price for:

Alcholic evening is €10

a virgin evening is €5

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2020-06-19 19:00
2020-06-19 22:00

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