Easter egg orienteering hunt

April 25th @ 14:00 - April 25th @ 17:00

The easter bunny left us some eggs! Earlier attempts to make us find the eggs were hindered by bad weather. Nonetheless, Sunday the 25th we will do some “Searching Easter eggs meets orienteering run”. We’ll make a small competition out of it, for who likes a challenge, but gathering the eggs is already an award in itself of course, so you can make it as competitive as you like 😉 (Yes you can keep the eggs 😉 ).


We’ll meet at the shed and make pairs similar to what you are used to during training, by choosing a set of markers. The campus will be our playground. There are no costs for joining and we definitely hope the best for the weather.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-04-25 14:00
2021-04-25 17:00

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