ESSF Sport Gala

March 21st @ 20:00 - March 22nd @ 02:00

On the 21st of March 2024, the annual ESSF sports gala will take place again!

During this gala we will have an award ceremony for the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Sportsteam and Sports Association of the year! Next to this, we will also have an added category for our less fortunate athletes: the Bad-Luck-Duck of the year!

Make sure to invite all your members, and we would love to see you all in your prettiest gala dress, or fanciest suit on the 21st!

If you don’t want to miss any updates follow the @essfsportsgala account on Instagram.

Tickets are on sale for only €8.00! (ESSF sportgala website)

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2024-03-21 20:00
2024-03-22 02:00

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