Exchange Simius Hircus

May 18th @ 14:00 - May 18th @ 20:00

This year we have had many exchanges, and we end this year of the BOSSO exchanges in Utrecht at Simius Hircus.

Because Simius’ own UithofRun cannot take place in June (this has been moved to Saturday 28 September) and because Maarten is crazy, he chose to organize a Beer Run, or BeeRun. Don’t be afraid if you do not like beer or alcohol, because we are not allowed to get into the obstacles drunk, the run will remain moderate in the use of alcohol. Afterwards during dinner this can certainly be compensated by consuming alcoholic beverages 😉

When: Saturday, May 18, 2019
Where: Simius Hircus survival course (Olympos Sports Center: Uppsalalaan 3, 3584 CT Utrecht)
What time: 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm, after that dinner and drinks (optional)
Costs: the training/BieRun is free, the dinner/drinks cost € 8,-. Transport by All Terrain will be €8,50

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Details and Registration

Date and Time
2019-05-18 14:00
2019-05-18 20:00

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