FEL-kuil Cross

March 16th @ 08:00 - March 16th @ 16:00

On the 16th of March, our sister association FEL from Nijmegen organizes the FEL-Kuil-Cross again!

This event is like a triathlon, consisting of trailrunning, mountainbiking and survivalrunning. It will be possible to start in pairs, and maybe even in groups if you ask the organization nicely.

This year is a special edition, because for the first time in a few years, the traditional collaboration with FEL and survivalrunclub 7Hills is back, meaning that there will be 2!! survivalrunning tracks that will be used for the cross.


Subscription is free! (and still possible until the 7th of March)

If you don’t have a mountainbike, you can hire one via FEL (25 euro’s)


There are 2 categories available:

Beginner (6 km survivalrun, 3 km trailrun, 10/21 km MTB)

Advanced(8 km survivalrun, 7 km trailrun, 32 km MTB)


You can sign up via this LiNK


Please also register below , so we know for how many people we should arrange transport.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2024-03-16 08:00
2024-03-16 16:00

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