Gendringen survivalrun

February 1st @ 09:00 - February 2nd @ 09:00

In February All Terrain will face the cold survival run in Gendringen. Gendringen is one of the oldest and most traditional survivalruns.
On Saturday you’ll have the choice between 6 or 9 km (also KSR) long course with challenging natural and built-up obstacles. The trail goes through the wooded recreation area Engbergen and over the lands of the outskirts of Sinderen. If you want a perspective from All Terrain about the run be sure to check out the review of the 9 km here.

Not enough for you? Check out the Sunday options, 14 or 19 km (also MSR or LSR), and feel free to join those.


If you want to join All Terrain transportation, register below.
To register for the run itself, for 6 km, 9 km and KSR register here.
And to register for 14 km, 19 km and MSR/LSR, register here.
Registration is open and possible until January the 12th (except if it is full before), but it is cheaper to register before January the 1st.
Be sure to mention “Start with All Terrain” when subscribing in the remarks box (opmerkingen) or starting together request box (samenstartverzoek).



  • – Saturday 5 km: €18,-
  • – Saturday 9 km and KSR: €21,-
  • – Sunday 14 km and MSR: €23,-
  • – Sunday 19 km and LSR: €25,-
  • – Transportation with All Terrain (Saturday and Sunday): €5,-

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2020-02-01 09:00
2020-02-02 09:00

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