Great Outdoors: Mountainbiking

March 25th @ 17:30 - March 25th @ 20:00


Are you ready to experience the rush and thrill of being in the Great Outside? Introducing the great outdoor experience: Mountain Biking.

In these first outdoor experience session of 2024 we offer a discount special for new people that don’t have a mountainbike!

Costs own mountainbike: 0.00
Costs renting a mountainbike: between €10.00 and €20.00

Do you want to try out this new sport? These sessions will cover:

  • – Adjusting the mountain bike for your size
  • – Postures: basic and more aggressive
  • – Techniques for braking, braking with your front wheel, braking with your back wheel, emergency stop
  • – Technique for shifting
  • – Technique for slaloming and (sharp) curves
  • – Do’s and Don’ts while mountain biking through routes


Join us Monday 25th of March at OpNoord Eindhoven, and let’s GO conquer the roads together!

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Details and Registration

Date and Time
2024-03-25 17:30
2024-03-25 20:00

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