Half yearly GMA: Revising the budget

October 8th @ 19:00 - October 8th @ 20:00

At the start of our board year we made a budget. The board thinks enough has changed that the budget should be revised and updated.

There is also a small dispute to be settled by vote of the members: whether Justin is obliged to run the entire 81km Veluweloop by himself (or equivalent at a later date) after registering for a cancelled event.

That’s why the board will hold another GMA, a half-yearly GMA if you will, at the 8th of October from 19:00 till (hopefully) 20:00.
The GMA will be held on Discord, so if you haven’t joined the AT discord yet, click here.

More information should already have been sent to your mail. And the revised budget will be sent to your mail at least 48 hours before the GMA.
If you have any questions after that then please contact the board at [anti-spam-tag].

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2020-10-08 19:00
2020-10-08 20:00

For more information or registrations please login first.

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