KnoqOut Survival Estafette Run

July 3rd @ 09:00 - July 3rd @ 18:00

The time has come, the first survival run in over a year! On the same grounds as the Dinxperlo run, a well known and AT favourite run, the KnoqOut run is held! This relay like survival run gives over 1.5 km of running, obstacles and even kayaking and archery!


You team up with 4 AT’ers who relieve each other after a round on the course, and you have the opportunity to run a round multiple times if your team is fast enough! This also gives the opportunity to learn from each other.


If you found a group of 3 AT’ers that want to run with you then you can sign up on the sbn site here. So you have to subscribe and pay for your team yourself.

Please indicate if you do not have a team yet, so that we can find a team for you with other AT’ers! More info can be found here.


As the run is a relay like run, you are required to run the lap on your own, so unfortunately the run is less suited for new people as you cannot be assisted. You can however skip obstacles you are not comfortable with yet (with a small meaningless time penalty).


Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-07-03 09:00
2021-07-03 18:00

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