Knotting Courses

September 30th @ 18:30 - October 7th @ 21:00

During our trainings we often built some obstacles ourselves like the monkeyhang or the tires under the bridge. Since the trainers have a lot on their hands they will not hesitate to ask us to help them build these obstacles. Of course it would then be nice if we know of to build them i.e. what knots to use and how to make these. Therefore it is time to teach everybody the ropes to knotting. Ofcourse this is also for people that have been to knotting courses before and want to refresh their knotting knowledge. As usual the course will be given by Guy and Stijn.

In the evening of monday 30-9 we will teach you rope maintenance (how to make sure the ropes don’t wear down fast) and some basic knots.

Then in the evening of the next monday, 7-10, we will teach you some more advanced knots that are used widely throughout obstacles for survivalruns.

Both evenings will be held at Guy’s place where you are welcome from 18:30.  The event is free and a few snacks and drinks will be provided.

It is important that as much people as possible know how to knot and how to keep the ropes from degrading. Therefore we really recommend you to be at both evenings.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2019-09-30 18:30
2019-10-07 21:00

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