Krezie 88 (outdoor, indoor, offline and online)

March 6th @ 13:45 - March 6th @ 16:30

It’s time again for something fun! In this crazy game you are racing against each other and time. How does it work? You get a list of tasks. Your goal is to finish as many as possible in the set time and collect evidence by photo or video that you did so. However, not only quantity counts, also creativity will be rewarded. At the end of the day a jury will judge who performed the best and won this edition of Krezie 88 (or perhaps, Fabulous 44, Sexy 66, but that you will see that Saturday 😉 ).


The game can be played in duo’s or individually. Typically, the game is most enjoyable with a companion (so someone can hold the camera and you can help each other work out ideas). Therefore we ask whether it would be possible to you to have someone over and which people you would like as a buddy. However we’ll include sufficient tasks that can be done on your own to make it possible to do it by yourself. A selfiestick or tripod could be handy in that case. You don’t need to be in Eindhoven to participate (it could make pairing up easier, though).

The program is split up in an active part during the day and a part in the evening, where the results are presented and best photos and videos shared. In between you will have time to travel home and eat. Keep 20.00-21.00 off to see the jury’s judgement and the best pics and videos of the day

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-03-06 13:45
2021-03-06 16:30

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