Monthly Bouldering (march 2022)

March 31st @ 19:55 - March 31st @ 22:30

What is better than going bouldering? Going bouldering with AT’ers! For people that already go bouldering and want to know when they can expect AT’ers and for people that don’t want to go bouldering every week but like to do it from time to time we will organize a monthly AT bouldering moment.
Our first go at this will be the 31st of March. To encourage you there will be sponsoring from AT reducing the cost to 4 euro or less. Also if you already have a Monk subscription we encourage you to subscribe so we can puzzle out if we can get you some sponsoring as well 😉 (and it is nice for people to see that other people are coming).
Next to a registration here, you need to make a reservation through
Note that for bouldering you’d like to use climbing shoes. If you don’t owe any it is possible to rent them for 4 euros at Monk for the night, but be aware that there are a lot of climbers in AT so there is a fair chance that you can borrow them if you ask around. Furthermore it is handy to wear flexible clothing that protects your legs and for the ladies a sports bra is not needed, but crossed straps can be quite convenient.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2022-03-31 19:55
2022-03-31 22:30

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