NK Sprint Orienteering Eindhoven

December 12th @ 12:00 - December 12th @ 13:00

If you have been enjoying the orienteering workshops, and want to try your skills in a competitive setting, here is your chance! The Dutch orienteering committee (or NOLB, ‘Nederlandse OrientatieLoop Bond’) is organizing a sprint orienteering race in the centre of Eindhoven on 12th December.


This is not an event organized by All Terrain, therefore you need to register through their competition website;



You will need to pay a small fee (~10 euros) to take part and to hire an electronic punch. Don’t feel pressured by the competition setting, they are very welcoming to newcomers.


The competition categories are named, for example, H21 (men over 21), H35 (men over 35), D21 (women over 21), D35 (women over 35), so make sure to choose the correct category when registering. The last day to register is the 5th December.

A few All Terrainers are already registered, the more the merrier!


Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-12-12 12:00
2021-12-12 13:00

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