NSSW 2019

February 15th @ 18:00 - February 17th @ 18:00

The legendary NSSW is coming up, taking place from February 15-17 2019! NSSW is the National Student Survivalrun Weekend, where members of all student survivalrun associations from the Netherlands come together for a weekend chock-full of fun group activities, survivalrunning, games, playing in the mud, and of course delicious food & drinks.

The weekend will cost €59,- and this gives you a roof over your head, food, drinks and many fun activities. There is space for 70 people, divided over 5 associations. Each association can therefore first fill 14 spots until 31-12-2018, after that any open spots become available to everyone (first come, first serve!).



Date and time
2019-02-15 18:00
2019-02-17 18:00
Anne van den Boom

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