Orienteering workshop #2 2021

November 23rd @ 19:30 - November 23rd @ 21:00

Be aware this workshop is open to non-members as well. Want to bring your student buddy along? That’s possible! Non-members register through this form (problems registering? please contact [anti-spam-tag]). AT members please proceed to the login below (this webpage) to register for this workshop.


On Tuesday 23rd November at Henri Dunantpark (here, for the exact location), from 19.30 to 21.00, we will practice orienteering in a different environment. If you have a headlight, please bring it along (don’t worry if you do not have one).


We are trialing a new way to pick up the checkpoints- so please bring a smartphone with this app installed; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.hippsomapp.gpsorienteringrun


You will carry smartphone with you around the course, so it may be helpful to have pockets! Remember to wear warm sports clothes, it will probably be cold.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can definitely still join, it will just be a little different than usual with the checkpoints.


For the new members, orienteering will be shortly explained below.


Orienteering is a sport that requires running and navigational skills using a map (and a compass) to find some points in arbitrary order. You will be given a set of coordinates which you will have to draw in the map yourself after which you will try to find the shortest route possible to cover as many points as possible in a given time frame. Due to the limited time, many people will not be able to cover all the points. For each point that you find you will score 1 point, however, if you finish after the given deadline, a point will be subtracted from your total score for every x minutes past the deadline.


It will be a lot of fun, so make sure to register!

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-11-23 19:30
2021-11-23 21:00

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