OSMO: Mountainbike workshop

October 1st @ 17:45 - October 1st @ 21:00

The OSMO is back with another workshop.
This time we’re going to teach you how to ride a mountainbike. This is a very valuable skill that you will be able to show off on most AT weekends. It’s also really fun to bike around and see the most beautiful parts of Eindhoven.

For only 10 euro per workshop you get a mountainbike, a helmet and an experienced mountainbiker who will teach you the tips and tricks to become a better mountainbiker.
If you have a mountainbike yourself you can join for free!

So subscribe now! There will only be 15 available spaces per workshop, and they will run out fast!

We will start at 18:00 and end around 21:00.

The meeting point is on the Op Noord terrain. (Oude Bosschebaan 11, 5624 AA Eindhoven)

10 september (5/15 spots taken) DONE

17 september (3/15 spots taken) DONE

24 september (3/15 spots taken) DONE

1 oktober         (4/15 spots taken) Last chance!!!

If you want to rent a mountainbike don’t forget to indicate your height under “Mountainbike size”.


Details and Registration

Date and Time
2019-10-01 17:45
2019-10-01 21:00

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