Past Events

SSC Pub Quizz


During the SSC open week a Pub Quizz will be organized at the canteen. Not only the entrance fee will be paid by All Terrain, but the money will go to charity!

Last time we joined a SSC Pub Quizz we won the price of the most original answer. Let's do it again ;) Everybody is welcome, even if you do not know any answer to pub quizzes, we will have fun anyway!

Please register below so we know how many teams we have

2019-01-10 20:15
2019-01-10 23:45

New Year’s Eve with All Terrain

This year additionnally to celebrating Christmas, All Terrain will also celebrate the New Year. We will gather at Eva's place in Eindhoven for some games, some oliebollen and some drinks.

Once again, everybody is welcome to join. In order to have the best (late) organization as possible, please join the whatsapp chat here if you want to join the evening :)

2018-12-31 19:00
2019-01-01 02:00

Christmas dinner

We all put a lot of effort in maintaining a great shape, on the 21st of December we face another opportunity to do so. Keep in mind that round is also a really nice shape, which can be maintained. That is why we have the Christmas dinner! We will do our best to make a delicious multi-course dinner. The dinner will be hosted at Jurjen's place. If you have allergies or other weaknesses for some kind of food, please notify us. For the people who do not have a room in Eindhoven yet, some couches will be available. Please notify us as well if you did not find a couch yet.
Edit 03/12/2018: SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE CLOSED Contact Mélanie for the reserve list (no guarantee that there will be a spot available)
Costs will be somewhere between 10 to 15€ p.p. Last but not least: we expect you to put on either a Christmas sweater, or some very nice classy clothes ;)
2018-12-21 18:00
2018-12-22 01:00

Van Lint week

The last week before Christmas holidays there is every year the famous "van Lint week". It is called after the famous prof. dr. Van Lint, previous head of the section Sport and he made sure studentsport came to Eindhoven. This week we will participate in a number of different special and fun sport tournaments against other associations. The tournaments first round will start at 17:30 and the second round starts at 21:00. Afterwards there will be a party in the canteen. Participation is for free. If you would like to join you can subscribe in the excel sheet (link below) and put your name where there is still room. BE QUICK since the teams are very small and you might be to late to join your favorite weird sport. If you subscribe you are expected to come or arrange a substitute.
Subscribre HERE
There will be no All Terrain training on Wednesday the 19th, so one more reason to join! If possible bring your green All Terrain shirt.
2018-12-17 17:30
2018-12-20 22:00


It is one of the oldest survivalrun, and also the last one for 2018... Dinxperloop! On the top of that, transportation will be provided for free! Subscribe here for the run if you haven't done it yet, and on our website for AT transportation.
2018-12-16 09:00
2018-12-16 17:00

Dungeons & Dragons

Greetings fellow adventurers, This is your resident warlock and master of dungeons, using the “text” spell I come to thee with a proposal: Does one not agree that our current mortal realm can be an utterly dull place? Does one not wish for excitement, thrills and riches? My suggestion is for us to leave this dimension behind us and delve into the mythical world of Faerun, where magic, mysteries and monsters are still abundant. The ritual to take us to these lands shall be performed on the 11th day of the 12th moon of the 18th year of the 2nd millennium of your calendar, starting after the sun has set. All necessary preparations for this journey will be prepared by our great deity and his angels, all we wish off those accompanying our venture is to notify thyself of thine presence using the magic scroll down below. Once performing the ritual, our competent guides shall spin the tale of heroes your hearts yearn for before thine very eyes. ‍ For those among you only speaking the common tongue: We are playing Dungeons & Dragons on the 11th of December. If you want to join in, press the button.
2018-12-11 19:00
2018-12-11 23:00

Exchange with Tartaros

The exchange with slopend was a success! We went there with about 10 All Terrainers. They have so many obstacles, we trained, we had food, we had fun... Now it is time again for another exchange :) And this time Tartaros is welcoming us. They will be expecting us at 13:45 at their construction, the training will start at 14:00. Afterwards there will be dinner and maybe some games. The training is of course free. Dinner and drinks will be €7,50.

Please register for the exchange itself by filling in this form.

Transportation with AT (by car) will cost €17. In that case you have to subscribe below on our website. Reminder: In February we will spend a weekend together with those other student associations (the NSSW weekend), so it is nice (although not necessary) if you already know them a bit!
2018-12-09 14:00
2018-12-09 19:00

Knotting course

And it is back again... the knotting course! An important part of being a member of All Terrain is to be able to make proper knots. Not only is it cool to know how to properly make certain knots, it is also essential and helpful during the preparations of our regular training sessions. Hence, every now and then, a knotting course is organized. If you are quite new to All Terrain, if you never came to a knotting course before or if you came before but you forgot about the knots, then this is definitely for you! We would really like all of our newer (and some older) members to join. This time the knotting course will be in the SSC meeting room after the outside training, at 21:00 on Wednesday the 28th. During the training sessions in the weeks that follow there will be room to practice these knots under supervision. Please sign up below, so we know how many people to expect
2018-11-28 21:00
2018-11-22 22:30

Hang-on Run

The Hang-on run is a two-day battle against the elements through the beautiful landscape of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug! They have different distances, from 6 to 13km long, so it is a challenge for everyone. Last nice thing, you can decide if you prefer to run individually, in couple or in group. Registration is already open and possible until November the 18th(except if it is full before..) but it is cheaper to register before October the 21st! If you want to join AT transportation, subscribe by filling the form below. To register for the run itself, it is here for Saturday and here for Sunday. If you want to run in group you can leave a comment. Prices:
  • – 6km, saturday (couple or group): €16
  • – 8km, saturday (individual, couple or group): €20
  • - 7km, sunday (individual): €22 (this is a new category, it is almost the same number of obstacles than 8km saturday, but there are sometimes different. Check here the route)
  • 13km, sunday (individual, couple or group): €25
  • – transportation with All Terrain: €10
2018-11-24 09:00
2018-11-25 18:00

Exchange with Slopend

There are a couple of other student survivalrun associations throughout the Netherlands, and Slopend in Delft is one of them. Throughout the year every student association will invite the others for an exchange (a training on their construction). Not only you'll get to train on different obstacles than the ones we have at home, but you will also get to know members from other associations. Although All Terrain is the most awesome association, the other ones are pretty cool too ;) In February we will spend a weekend together with those other student associations (the NSSW weekend), so it is nice (although not necessary) if you already know them a bit :) The first exchange will be from Slopend, in Delft. They will be expecting us at 13:45 at their construction, the training will start at 14:00. Afterwards there will be dinner and maybe some games. The exchange is of course free.
please register for the exchange by filling in the form here.
The dinner will cost 5€. If you want to join for dinner, please transfer 5€ to NL19 TRIO 0198 3299 70 to S.B.V. Slopend. If you want to join AT transportation in a car, that will cost you 13€. In that case subscribe on our website below. If you choose to go there by train, their construction is 15min walk from the train station Delft Zuid.
2018-11-11 13:45
2018-11-11 20:00