Saint Nicholas game night

December 14th @ 20:00 - December 14th @ 23:00

The 14th of December Saint Nicholas already left the country but he still left an event. During these cold December days we would like to give you a cosy (Dutch style) event before the Christmas break. So snug in and sign up!

After getting to know each other better, we’ll entertain ourselves with a dice game with presents. For this, you are asked to bring wrapped presents. At least one of these presents should be something you already have in your house (Yes this is the ideal way of getting rid of that present Saint Nicholas got you this year in case you didn’t like it :p). The other presents should be bought with a budget of 5 euros (can be one or multiple). You don’t know who will receive your gifts beforehand.


The committee will arrange snacks and drinks. The costs for this will be split afterwards, although we can already tell you that All Terrain will also pay for some Sinterklaas goodies to keep up the good atmosphere and we expect the costs to stay below 5 euro.


We are hoping to see you all and make a wonderful cosy Sinterklaas out of it!

Have trouble signing up, not yet a member? Please contact [anti-spam-tag] and we’ll figure it out ;-).

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2023-12-14 20:00
2023-12-14 23:00

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