SinterChristmas Dinner Party

March 20th @ 14:00 - March 20th @ 23:00

There are still spots for Sinterklaas! The Christmas dinner has limited space. From the 19th subscription and onwards you are put on the waiting list for the Christmas dinner. We will let you know if a spot becomes available. 
December is the most wonderful time of the year; with festivities, spending quality time with family and friends, and stuffing your belly with nice food. 2021’s December was a bit lacklustre due to covid. We demanded to see life’s manager, but they refused to cooperate. Therefore, we have decided to make our own December! With Sinterklaas and Christmas!
December will take place on Sunday, 20 March. From 13:45 you are welcome to join a Sinterklaas themed game. To participate in the Sinterklaas game we ask you to bring gift(s) worth ~5 euro total plus additionally something/some things from your home that would be nice as a gift, but you don’t mind giving away (e.g. that book you already read, that present you did not really like, the wine you never drink, the 20th survivalrunshirt in your closet?…). From 18:00 we will host a delicious multi-course Christmas dinner. The costs for the dinner will be around €15. You can choose to subscribe for both or either of the two events (Sinterklaas game, Christmas dinner).
We expect you to put on a Christmas sweater. There are only a limited number spots available, so be quick to subscribe (otherwise you will be put on a reserve list).

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2022-03-20 14:00
2022-03-20 23:00

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