SurviFELrun Nijmegen

May 28th @ 20:30 - May 28th @ 22:00

Since the first run last year was a great succes this year there will be the second SurviFELrun of Nijmegen On the 28th of May. This run will be the AMAZING and will have many new ways to challenge your skills in survival. The run will go all around the campus and you will see much of the campus of Nijmegen. Will you survive all the obstacles???

There will be different categories to join this event, you can join either as;

  • Solo 5km.
  • Solo 7km.
  • But this year we will also join the run for the 5km as groups of 4.

The total costs for the run will be 10€, this will include a sport-shirt to wear during the run.

The run will start at 20:30 and since Nijmegen is easy to reach we will all go together by train.

To join the run in Nijmegen register here.


Details and Registration

Date and Time
2018-05-28 20:30
2018-05-28 22:00

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