Survivalrun Adegem

November 17th @ 09:00 - November 17th @ 18:00

On Sunday 17November the survivalrun in Adegem in Belgium will be held. This is not one of the standard runs that All Terrain joins every year but it is still a nice run. One car ful of people allready arranged themselves that they are going (Bram, Melanie, Perry, Laurence and maybe Jesse).

Adegem has quite a lot of possible distances:
-7km recreative (1 license point), also possible in couples or groups (no points)
-10km recreative (2 points), also possible in couples or groups (no points)
– 11km competitive (2points)
– MSR 11km (license needed)
– 17km competitive (3 points)
– LSR 17km (license needed)
– X-treme run 25km (3points)

The run itself will cost €25. Since we won’t have a ssce van we need more cars if more people want to join. Transportation costs will be between €8 and 12.

More information on the run can be found here. Subscribing to te event can be done here and is possible until sunday November 10th. Subscribe for transportation below.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2019-11-17 09:00
2019-11-17 18:00

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