Survivalrun Udenhout

September 21st @ 10:00 - September 22nd @ 18:00

After a good summer break, the survivalrun in Udenhout takes place. It is a great opportunity to lose the extra weight that you gained during summer. For the ones that want to start off easy, you can participate on Saturday 21st of September:

  • – 5.5 km recreative
    – 7 km recreative or competitive (1 point)

For the diehards among us, the run on Sunday 22nd of September is more applicable.

  • – 12 km recreative of competitive (2 points)
  • – 12 km in pairs of 2
  • – 12 km in a group of 4
  • – 18 km recreative of competitive (3 points)
  • – 18 km in pairs of 2
  • – 25 Recreative or competitive (3 points)
  • – LSR

To pay the normal price, one should subscribe before 19-08-2019. Extra costs have to be paid when subscribing after this date. Subscription is possible until 08-09-2019.


When participating on Saturday subscribe here: here

when participating on Sunday subscribe here: here


We plan to go with public transport, as the transportation will not be sponsored, however, if you have a car available we can still see if we can go by car.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2019-09-21 10:00
2019-09-22 18:00

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