Sushi night

February 17th @ 18:00 - February 17th @ 23:00

Do you like sushi? Than we got the event for you. Not only are we gonna eat sushi, we are gonna make it ourselves!

During this night you will get the explanation, tools, and ingredients required to make your very own sushi. Various ingredients will be available to make numerous different sushi rolls. Of course there will also be vegan/vegetarian options available so if you don’t eat/like fish and/or meat that should be no excuse not to come. Once you finish making the roll you can cut it in pieces and share amongst the others so that everybody can taste many different sushi rolls.

The event will take place at Ludo’s, hemelrijken 143, and you will be welcome from 18:00. The price will be around €7.50.

In the end we might play a little samurai or other board games. So be sure to be there or bring dishonor on your clan!

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2020-02-17 18:00
2020-02-17 23:00

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