July 23rd @ 22:00 - August 31st @ 22:00

During the summer,  we want to organize a nice holiday for student prices. For this we need people willing to go. The general rule is that if you want to join, we will try to find a common time that we’re all available and everybody will organize one day of activities. If you’re interested in joining, please register and fill in this poll to choose a date! Then we will arrange further organization of the holiday.


Date and time
2017-07-23 22:00
2017-08-31 22:00
Bram Hurkmans

Thoughts on “Ultiem”

Ik wil ook mee 🙂

Mooi, kun je even registreren dan? Dan hebben wij een makkelijk lijstje voor te mailen en zo 🙂

Mijn vrije dagen zijn op, dus kan helaas niet mee…

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