Utrecht Survival Run [full]

October 3rd @ 08:00 - October 3rd @ 19:00

On October 3th we will visit our sister association, Simius Hircus, for their run! Take on the challenge on the 6km course with 31 obstacles in and around Utrecht Science Park. The run is ideal for novice or inexperienced survivalists (you should be able to climb a rope and be able to go over ropes and beams), but make no mistake, it is certainly still a tough course. This one is also suitable for more experienced survivalists who feel like a fun run after the lockdown!

You can run the Utrecht Survival run individually, but also in pairs or in a group. In a couple or group, you run under the same starting number and you can help each other over obstacles.

The options are:

  1. 6KM group run: do the run in groups of maximum 5 persons, € 10.00 (cost pp)
  2. 6KM couple run: do the run in a couple, € 20.00
  3. 6KM individual run: € 10.00
  4. 6KM heavy run: for people with experience, € 10.00

Start is between 10:00hr and 14:00hr, more information here and for subscription go here.

If you do not know now how subscription works, feel free to ask in the AT chat or message a board member! For our overview, we like that you subscribe on the AT website, and you have to subscribe on the AT website to join transport arranged by AT. For the run itself, you have to subscribe on the linked website! You need an SBN membership for insurance, but you can buy a day pass if you do not want a year membership yet.

Details and Registration

Date and Time
2021-10-03 08:00
2021-10-03 19:00

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