The site has had a new makeover!

The Theme is updated and is now better supported on mobile phones and all other plugins are rebuild from scratch.

And the plugins have also been build from scratch! This time focused on stability and reliability (not a lot of new functions, but they do work better).

  • format_paintTheme Updates
    • Mobile Menu is now draggable from left edge.
    • The content scales better to mobile phones.
    • We now have a randomized All Terrain banner on the home page.
    • We also have an automated Happy Birthday banner on the birthday of one of our members!
  • account_circleMembers
    • Better profile pages.
    • Different profile (and registration) pages for AT’ers and OT’ers.
    • Improved security for profiles.
    • Input validation on registrations and profile updates.
  • eventEvents
    • Custom fields for event registrations.
    • Improved listing for event participants.
    • Quick views for events.
    • Quick registration for events without custom fields.