Last Sunday Thibault, Bram and Justin went to our friends from Tartaros in Enschede for the dutch student championships in survival running. After a long drive early in the morning they were among the first contestants to arrive. Tartaros had setup an 8KM course for us with 32 obstacles. After having plenty of time to get ready and warmed up we we started off in the second starting group at 11:05. Thibault, whom just had recovered from an injury, was off to a fast start, easily keeping up with the lead group. He was able to maintain a nice and fast pace during the run, only having some minor difficulties at the final obstacle. He managed to finish in 4th place, with only 16 seconds standing between him and the 3rd place. Justin finished in the 7th place and Bram finished right behind him in 8th place. Altogether the day was very successful for All Terrain and a lot of fun.